Saturday, April 6, 2013

Terrarium love

For several weeks now I have been eyeing at these beauties and finally made my own.

The idea is simple...
Find a container, add some rocks for drainage, possibly a little sand (I believe this is optional and skipped this), next add a layer of charcoal, specially if its a closed terrarium to keep the soil fresh, then a layer of potting soil, finally add plants and you're done !

I tried my hand at this bigger jar and it was so simple and easy that I couldn't resist making another one..a baby Terrarium ! 

This one's actually a hanging glass but I am a bit skeptic since it looks pretty fragile and not sure if it can withstand all the weight from inside. So not experimenting this, at least for now !

I love indoor plants and have quite a few. But these terrariums have brought a different charm to our living space and of course a new element of decor. 

A piece of nature in your living room .. It can become a self sustaining system once it reaches that equilibrium.

Making a terrarium seems very simple technique and doesn't necessarily need gardening skills. 
Below are some links that I found very useful. So do check them out if you too are inspired in making one of your own.

Video on Terrarium how-to by Sprout Home
Lots of tips at Apartmenttherapy

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